Why Choose ON-Point Dry Needling?

The ON-Point Dry Needling program is provided 20 CEU’s from NUHS upon completion of the Level I program. Dr. Merrick brings several decades of post graduate education and has been practicing acupuncture and dry needling for the same. Dry Needling provides the NMSK practitioner all the preliminary steps necessary to make certain the patient is a candidate for this procedure, and at the same time ensures the clinician will make the right needle selection and proper needle insertion into the selected muscle/fascia. Fortunately, for us the blueprints of the muscle/fascia and related tissue structures are the same for all people, be they an athlete or a blue-collar worker or a senior citizen. NMSK practitioners (PT, DC, ATC) have the education and extended training to become masters of the dry needling procedure, from both a technical/skill perspective as well as the understanding of foundational concepts of the pain and neurological concepts on which it is based. DRY NEEDLING is a tool, not a discipline and belongs not to any one profession or discipline, but to the qualified practitioner (depending on demographics and training) as an adjunctive procedure from which there can be a very positive outcome for patient(s) with resistant, uncomplicated neuromusculskeletal pain syndromes and related structural adaptations and dysfunctions. SEATING LIMITED TO 20

CEU’s provided by NUHS

The On-Point Dry Needling program is provided 20 CEU’s by the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) for 20 CEU’s The attendee must make sure his/her discipline Board of the respective state allows for this amazing and effective procedure. This is NOT Acupuncture.

For 30 + years, Dr. Merrick has been a post graduate educator for chiropractors in physiological therapeutics, rehabilitation and biomechanics At the same time he has been using the needle for acupuncture (30 yrs)  as well as dry needling (10 yrs) while in practice in NH.

OPDN Registration Form for Level I & II
Level I - $995
Level II - $695

“Dr. Merrick’s dry needling class was amazing. He was a great instructor that made learning the techniques easy to learn while giving me confidence in preforming the procedures in clinic on Monday. I Highly recommend this needling program to help take your practice to the next level.”

Dr. Brad Nutting
Brookfield, WI

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