Hi John, Again a great seminar this last weekend—by far the best I’ve been to in my 24 years of practice.

Dr. Kelly Delores
Wakefield, MA

I was pleased and excited to see that the mass chiropractic society is sponsoring dry needling seminars. I have been interested in this modality and form of treatment for many years but have not had the opportunity to be trained as a chiropractor. Dr. John Merrick has many years of experience as both a physical therapist and a chiropractor. He is a competent teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the 20 hours of training. There was plenty of hands-on practice and opportunity for individual attention. It’s great to have one more tool in my tool box that may help my patients!

Anne Gleason DC
Billerica, MA

I found the Dry Needling Certification Course [sponsored by the MCS] very well presented. Before practicing the techniques we watched detailed videos of the specific body areas to be treated. Dr. Merrick supervised our dry needling technique at all times. I felt very confident in my dry needling technique by the end of the course and was able to incorporate it into my practice on Monday. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to add a great adjunct to their practice. It has a high success rate with most neuromusculoskeletal conditions seen in health care today

Otto Todorov
Needham, MA

The course was to the point! Pun intended. It covered a wide array of musculoskeletal ailments and the comprehensive needling points to be targeted. John Merrick, DC, PT, MA is very knowledgeable and his expertise in the subject came through. A very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend it to the Chiropractic Physician who wants to add another great adjunct to their tool box.

Hristos (Chris) K. Giannos
DC, MS, CCSP (Damato Chiropractic Center-Newington, CT)

I started investigating dry needling after hearing positive reports from several of my patients who had dry needling done by physical therapists. As I was looking into different training programs I received an e-mail from the New Hampshire Chiropractic Association announcing a dry needling course taught by John Merrick, B.S., M.A., P.T. , D.C. which was accredited by a CCE institution (National University of Health Sciences). The course was very hands on, with ample one on one instruction. By the end of the course I felt comfortable bringing this new modality into my practice. Over the last few months I have seen good results with quite a few difficult cases. Because of the results I’ve seen with this technique I asked Dr. Merrick to bring the course to Vermont. I would encourage this course to anyone who is currently using, or considering adding, soft tissue techniques such as manual trigger point release, ART or instrument assisted soft tissue work such as Graston. Dry needling is well received by most patients, effective, relatively quick to perform and physically very easy on the practitioner (unlike many other soft tissue techniques) which I find very significant after 28 years in practice! If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me directly:drjim@mcdanielchiro.com.


I had a persistent discomfort in my left upper abdominal area for several months and so my primary care sent me to a specialist who ran the gamete on me with testing,; MRI, endoscopy Ultrasound and at the end of the day it was a hands up we don’t know. I was seeing Dr. Merrick for acupuncture and was telling him about it and after a little probing he suggested dry needling. I can’t wait to go back to my primary care doc and the specialist. Pain is gone.

Dan Macek
Manchester, NH

I saw Dr. Merrick for low back pain I got in a high school lacrosse game. I saw my chiropractor and it did help but still interfered with my game. He sent me to Dr. Merrick and it was just amazing. One dry needling treatment and my back pain was gone, and my game was back to it’s full potential. Thank you Dr. Merrick

Lila Roy
Methuen, MA

I am a runner, a necessary part of my life and when I developed a tendonitis and spasm in my left hip I could barely walk never mind run. My chiropractor suggested I see Doc Merrick next door in the PT clinic so I did and after one session with a needle in my hip (a little painful). It felt much better. He gave me some stretching for the TFL(?) and no running for 24 hrs which I did and now my running is like nothing ever happened. This happened several months ago but I recently developed a tennis elbow and by God if that needle treatment didn’t cure it . Never thought I could love a needle.

Jessica Rodriquez
Methuen, MA

I had one session with dry needling from Dr. Merrick and my hip and leg pain were gone by the next day. It was strange how those muscles were just jumping on their own, regardless I’m back to my regular routine of training after an almost three week layoff. My job as a gym teacher and coach doesn’t allow for time off because of pain and now I know that with Doc Merrick around, that is no longer going to be a problem.

Tim Burns
Manchester, NH

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