Secondary Level – II
ON Point Dry Needling Procedure (OPDN – II)

While many of the muscles covered in the Level I program were larger and more common clinically encountered muscle groups, more complex anatomical regions such as the face, hand, foot intrinsics as well as deep abdominal, lumbar and hip will be previewed in Level II. Relevant regional and three-dimensional anatomy as well as pathophysiology of common disorders will be covered as the weekend progresses. The suspicion of active visero-somatic points will be reviewed as part of the RED Flag discussions which will be ongoing. [Find it so you’ll know where/what not to needle]. Level II also dedicates considerable time to the ancillary, supportive, evidence-based(EB) procedures to dry needling. These procedures include Cupping, Reflexology, US, Light Therapy, muscle release, Kinesio taping, support taping (foot, knee & shoulder) & exercise. At the same time trigger point techniques to other soft tissues in musculotendinous, tendo-periosteal and ligamentous tissues will be presented and applied. The more sensitive needle techniques will be emphasized, allowing the participant to correctly distinguish between normal and abnormal tissue in different body types. The base line pre and post functional assessments of the dry needling procedure will be ongoing. Each attendee will again be expected to sign a waiver to practice DN on each other.
The program format will follow a sequence similar to the Level I program with the addition of discussion and application of the various ancillary procedures presented at the beginning of the hour to each muscle group where applicable and necessary. Example:

Foot intrinsics:

a. Each muscle (groups) anatomical review, common pathology, pre & post testing,
a. Needling
b. Reflexology (ear, hand, foot)
c. Cupping
d. Light
e. Ultrasound
f. Muscle release
g. Appropriate Joint mob/manip
h. Taping
i. Exercise

ON-Point Dry Needling program provides 20 CEU’s from NUHS. The program is open to all practitioners (DC, PT, MHT, MD, NPc, Pac, OT,)

OPDN Registration Form for Level I & II
Level I - $995
Level II - $695

“Dr. Merrick’s dry needling class was amazing. He was a great instructor that made learning the techniques easy to learn while giving me confidence in preforming the procedures in clinic on Monday. I Highly recommend this needling program to help take your practice to the next level.”

Dr. Brad Nutting
Brookfield, WI

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