What the practitioner can expect to take away from the OPDN Level I program

1. The practitioner will be clear as to the evolution of dry needling and the progressive development of clinical applications and clinical applications.

2. Updated global NMSK anatomy review

3. Have a working understanding of the three P’s [Pre-existing, Precipitating and Perpetuating] factors involved with myofascial trigger point (TrP) syndromes.

4. Enhancement and a new appreciation of palpation skills.

5. Appreciation of the synchronous and harmonious function of the intrinsic & global kinematic and kinetic systems and their relationship to the dry needling procedure.

6. Master the “Handling of the Needling” in terms of needling selection, point-depth and angle insertions and at the same time identifying the types of tissue encountered at the end of a needle.

7. Have a working knowledge and application of the several needling techniques presented to include but not limited to:
a. Myofascial Trigger Point (TrP) and the pain syndrome
b. Superficial v. Deep techniques
c. Radiculopathic Model (Gunn)
d. Structural/Postural Adaptations

8. Have a working knowledge of the absolute and relative contraindications (Red, Yellow & Green flags) of the dry needling procedure.

9. Understand the administrative issues, CPT coding, Reimbursement, Consent forms, innovative (OPDN) soap note (templates provided soon)

ON-Point Dry Needling program provides 20 CEU’s from NUHS. The program is open to all practitioners (DC, PT, MHT, MD, NPc, Pac, OT,)

OPDN Registration Form for Level I & II
Level I - $995
Level II - $595

I had a persistent discomfort in my left upper abdominal area for several months and so my primary care sent me to a specialist who ran the gamete on me with testing,; MRI, endoscopy Ultrasound and at the end of the day it was a hands up we don’t know. I was seeing Dr. Merrick for acupuncture and was telling him about it and after a little probing he suggested dry needling. I can’t wait to go back to my primary care doc and the specialist. Pain is gone.

Dan Macek
Manchester, NH

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