Posting recent publications on a web site is no longer permitted, as most publishers now make those available for a fee.  There are some older articles that we can offer as PDF files.

“An Expamsion of Simon’s Integrated Hypothesis of Tigger Point Formation”
-Robert D. Gerwin, MD*, Jan Dommerholt, PT, MPS, and Jay P. Shah, MD

Persistent Myalgia Following Whiplash , Jan Dommerholt, PT, MPS

Mechanisms of Myofascial Pain

The Needle Effect in the relief of Myofascial Pain., Lewit

Muscle Pain: Mechanisms and Clinical Signifiance , Mense

Dry needling: a literature review with implications for clinical practice guidelines.

Description of Dry Needling in Clinical Practice; APTA

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Volume 2013, Article ID 694941, 8 pages

ON-Point Dry Needling program provides 20 CEU’s from NUHS. The program is open to all practitioners (DC, PT, MHT, MD, NPc, Pac, OT,)

OPDN Registration Form for Level I & II
Level I - $995
Level II - $695

“During the Level I class Dr. Merrick asked if we had any family, friends or patients that might benefit from the dry needling procedure, My husband has been an avid powerlifter until two plus years ago when he injured his right shoulder and had been “light” lifting ever since so I brought him in for a group evaluation and a specific dry needling technique for the right shoulder (subscapularis and upper trap). The post needling assessment was amazing to all of us in the group and especially to my husband. ROM 50% improvement, pain levels down at least 60% when provocated. My husband is my partner in chiropractic and still is “shocked” at the instant results that still remain. Weight training resistance is climbing, cautiously.

By the time I started with Level II I’d done upwards of 250 dry needling procedures with mostly quick, awesome outcomes. Thank you Dr. Merrick for adding a new and incredible tool in my treatment bag”

Dr. Teresa Paulsurd
Eau Clair, WI

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